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Hello world!

Hello world!

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    FB friends spy is a facebook windows application that offers to its user’s information about their friends they cannot find in there profiles:
    1. Online presence information (offline/online) even if you are in offline chat mode.
    2. People most interested by them.
    3. People most interacting with them(on comments not messages , spying on messages is illegal and forbidden by facebook, so it is impossible to do, thank you for your understanding).
    4. latest Facebook statuses
    5. Places visited.
    6. Events attending or already participated in
    FB friend’s spy will ask you for permissions to offer you the information you want, this information will and still be used only by you, it will not be used by anyone else.
    FB friend’s spy uses Facebook SDK to connect to Facebook, so users don’t have to worry about their private or secret information.

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