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Email Lifecycle Management

Our comprehensive portfolio addresses the needs for security, encryption, retention, compliance, and availability in the infrastructure of your organization throughout the full email lifecycle.

With over 10 years of experience in Email Risk Management, we focus on the challenges email presents today to craft easy-to-deploy, yet high-performance solutions that ensure seamless, secure, 100% available, compliant communication across networks, regardless of the challenges you face.

Email Security:

  • Highly configurable defense-in-depth blocks inbound spam and viruses
  • Outbound spam and virus detection avoids RBL listing
  • Email digests simplify end-user self-service
  • Automatic email spooling
  • Schedulable quarantine summary

Email Retention and Compliance

  • Automatically stores copies of all inbound, outbound and internal email in secure repository
  • Powerful eDiscovery tools through a simple user interface
  • Unlimited storage and historical data upload
  • Recover one or many email messages to Inbox
  • Policy-based retention

Email Encryption

  • Automatic policy-based encryption
  • Lexicons to provide encryption for various legal and regulatory requirements
  • Ad hoc keyword encryption for greater control
  • Tight integration with both email security and archiving services
  • One-time registration at decryption portal

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