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IAM Cloud – Identity and Access Management

IAM Cloud provides secure, Azure-hosted, Identity and Access Management

Cloud Navigators manages the North American Educational Market for IAM Cloud, a Microsoft Azure-based Identity and Access Management service hosting nearly three million identities. IAM Cloud eliminates the high costs associated with hardware, consultant fees, and complexity for on-premises solutions, such as ADFS.  With IAM Cloud no additional hardware and ADFS expertise is required since it is a fully managed service.

Business Continuity for SaaS

Since IAM Cloud is wholly hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers it removes the single points of failure.  IAM Cloud authentication is securely performed against regional, redundant IAM Cloud servers, so if the local directory is unavailable users with Internet access can continue to work.

Office 365 License Management

Office 365 Accounts and Plans are automatically provisioned based on your organization’s chosen criteria, eliminating the need for complicated scripts or manual imports.

True Single Sign-On

IAM Cloud provides True Single Sign-On for Office 365, as well as thousands of SaaS applications, such as Moodle, Blackboard, and Desire2Learn.  Our highly secure single sign-on leverages your existing network authentication. Users log in to their workstation as they do now – there are no workstation clients to rollout, and no 3rd party portal to visit.

Cloud Drive Mapper

IAM Cloud also offers the Cloud Drive Mapper service which allows you to map a drive letter to OneDrive for Business & SharePoint Online libraries. Meaning we can integrate cloud storage into the Windows (7, 8, 10) client itself. This essentially means organizations need no longer have the burden of providing network storage for their users. Cloud Drive Mapper is reliable and persistent, and it’s easily deployed – there’s not even an install client. As far as the users are concerned they will use the drive as if it were attached to their computers so they won’t need to learn new systems or change workflows.  And because OneDrive for Business now provides an unlimited amount of storage, your users will never run out of space.  By wielding Microsoft’s powerful and highly secure cloud, we can provide you with unlimited storage for a fraction of the cost of an on-site solution.  This makes Cloud Drive Mapper a fantastic quality service and very cost-effective.

Please note Cloud Drive Mapper is available as a part of IAM Cloud’s Enterprise service and as a stand-alone service, the latter plan means you don’t have to be federated with IAM Cloud to use it.

Alumni Identity Hosting

Another huge advantage of IAM Cloud is the Alumni Service. Rather than maintaining alumni accounts in the institution’s Active Directory the Alumni service holds the identity securely in the cloud and provides authentication to Office 365. Forgotten passwords are handled by the platform using challenge/response techniques, reducing helpdesk calls.  IAM Cloud’s Alumni service takes the effort and pain away from providing email for life.

Simple to deploy. Adaptable to your needs. Cost Effective.

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