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Cloud Drive Mapper

Despite being expensive, complex, and in need of large amounts of support, management, power and maintenance, network storage is essential for most organizations. Or at least it has been until recently. Cloud storage provides fantastic new opportunities, with less complexity and much better economies of scale.  However, the problem with many cloud storage solutions like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive is that they involve substantial disruption to services: everyone needs to learn new systems, you’ll likely need to provide new training materials, and all your organization’s file storage workflows need re-thinking and re-configuring.

What if you could have it both ways? What if you could have all the power and benefits of the cloud, without the disruption?

Cloud Drive Mapper enhances Microsoft’s offering of unlimited OneDrive storage and allows you to map a drive letter to OneDrive for Business & SharePoint Online libraries. Meaning we can integrate cloud storage into the Windows (7, 8, 10) client itself. This essentially means organizations need no longer have the burden of providing network storage for their users. Cloud Drive Mapper is reliable and persistent, and it’s easily deployed – there’s not even an install client. As far as the users are concerned they will use the drive as if it were attached to their computers so they won’t need to learn new systems or change workflows.  And because OneDrive for Business now provides an unlimited amount of storage, your users will never run out of space.  By wielding Microsoft’s powerful and highly secure cloud, we can provide you with unlimited storage for a fraction of the cost of an on-site solution.  This makes Cloud Drive Mapper a fantastic quality service and very cost-effective.

Cloud Drive Mapper is available as a part of IAM Cloud’s Enterprise service and as a stand-alone service, the latter plan means you don’t have to be federated with IAM Cloud to use it.

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